A court has found the previous owner of this domain to have been using it to sell replica Chanel handbags and replica Chanel wallets among other items. As a result of the court's decision Chanel was granted ownership of the domain to prevent it from being used for this illegal purpose again.

A Message from Chanel

Chanel continuously monitors the Internet and auction websites and makes it a top priority to stop the sale of replica Chanel products and takes action where appropriate to that end.

To those of you out there who may be considering the purchase of replica Chanel items, we urge you to recognize that by purchasing a counterfeit product you are supporting criminal activity and ask therefore that you refuse to purchase replica Chanel goods.

To the sellers of replica Chanel, bear in mind that we are watching and we are taking action.

Why does it matter if you are buying replica Chanel?

People are often attracted to the idea of buying replicas because they don’t think that the difference matters and that they will be getting the same item just at a lower price. This is very much not the case as replica Chanel items are made with a much lower quality material and standard of care. This means that a replica Chanel handbag will likely start to fade, tear and break soon after you purchase it.

Your image might not be the only thing that suffers from buying replica Chanel though. Since selling replica Chanel products is illegal those selling replica Chanel handbags often are also engaged in other illegal activities like identity theft. So after you give them your credit card information for a replica Chanel handbag which may never come your way they may turn around and sell your credit card information to others.

Protect yourself and only buy genuine high quality Chanel products.

How can I tell if something is replica Chanel?

While Chanel cannot give out the exact details on how to tell genuine Chanel products apart from replicas because that information would be used by counterfeiters to further mislead people there are ways that you can protect yourself. If a product bearing the Chanel name or CC monogram is advertised as being of “AAA” or “7 star” quality, the product is fake and is illegal.

Above all if the deal is too good to be true you are probably being sold a Chanel replica handbag. The only way that you can be certain that you are buying a real Chanel product is to buy it from an authorized Chanel retailer. When you buy from an unauthorized dealer you could be buying a counterfeit.

As much as Chanel would like to help the victims of counterfeiting, Chanel cannot get back money that was paid to a counterfeiter or repair counterfeit products. Chanel regularly sues counterfeiters. In this way, Chanel is helping existing and future victims of counterfeiting.

Where can I learn more?

Visit ChanelReplica.com, ReplicaChanel.com, RLCV.com and Sacbelle.com for more information.